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How This Teen Is Helping Make Daunting Hospital Stays More Enjoyable For All Kids

How did you spend Thanksgiving? If you’re 14-year-old Kayla Abramowitz, you spent it at Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee, Florida—by choice. Kayla was not there as a patient, but as a visitor, coloring and doing crafts with kids, as WPTV reports. Her brother Ethan, 11, was there, too, passing out toys...

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Family Reunites With Missing Dog 3 Years After She Ran Away, After Somehow Traveling Over 1,000 Miles

If you think long-lost loved ones reunite only in the movies, think again. A family in Delray Beach, Florida, just reunited with their missing dog, Bella—three years later and right in time for Thanksgiving, WPTV reports. Talk about something to be thankful for, right? Three years ago, the dog’s owner,...

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Brilliant Math Teacher Installs Bike Pedals Under Students' Desks

Question: How many calories can a person burn while sitting at a desk? Answer: Typically very few—but if that desk has bike pedals installed underneath it, then it’s a different story. Bethany Lambeth, a brilliant middle school math teacher, came up with the bike pedal idea after watching kids get...