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What I learned from dating someone with a drinking problem

What dating someone with a drinking problem taught me about myself....


What I Learned From Writing Other People’s Online Dating Profiles

A professional dating profile writer shares her lessons learned on—and off—the job....


That time I had to sign a relationship prenup

There seem to be two kinds of people in the world: pro-prenup and against. It took a friend of mine months to finalize her divorce because she and her husb...

Open uri20161205 32107 buadmj article

Olivia Munn’s “office prom” photo is cracking us up today

We can’t get enough of Olivia Munn’s “office prom” photo...

Open uri20161205 32107 zrp4fj article

This new study reveals some very interesting news about adult ADHD

New research shows that biological factors affecting genetics at birth may be strongly linked to the development of ADHD in kids and adults....


How I quit texting (and became a better friend)

It wasn't easy to quit texting, but it surprisingly paid off....

Open uri20161205 32107 130sn90 article

Whoa, Apple stores are changing up their name and it’s messing with our minds

You'll no longer be heading to "The Apple Store" thanks to this name change....


Recent Giggles

Natalie Portman wants people to calm down about her baby bump · — hold the phone. 8 hours agoNatalia Lusinski · Watch Mariah Carey put on stilettos with the  ......

Open uri20161205 32107 1s3mhwo article

Gabourey Sidibe has the greatest response for trolls who hated on her Empire love scene

Gabourey Sidibe shuts down the haters like a pro....

Open uri20161209 24365 xz0drf article

We cannot stop laughing at this hilarious compilation of Tom Cruise running backwards

Help, we can’t stop LOLing at this Tom Cruise clip...


Sasha Obama had the coolest winter style at the White House tree lighting

Check out the latest posts in on HelloGiggles....

Open uri20161209 24365 9063kd article

‘Star Wars’ cast members shared these touching tributes to late R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker

"Star Wars" stars share tributes to Kenny Baker, the man who brought R2D2 to life for all of us....

Open uri20161209 24365 etiq48 article

There’s a game hidden in Facebook Messenger, in case you want to play 

You can play basketball in Facebook Messenger now....

Open uri20161209 24365 fhwyqw article

Amy Schumer posted about loving your body and it is perfection

We love Amy Schumer’s latest Instagram posts about body positivity...

Open uri20161209 24365 id19t3 article

Facebook is helping you remind your friends to pay you back after borrowing money — here’s how

A new Facebook feature called "Chat Assist" helps you remind your friends who owe you cash to pay you back, and you can even pay through messaging....